Stinky Shoe Spray

Stinky Shoe SprayGot stinky shoes?
I feel your pain. I”m pretty sure this product speaks for itself. If you have a stinky shoe problem, this simple spray will help to neutralize the odor and eliminate the stink.
In my home, the stink problem happens to be soccer shoes and hockey skates. With my son playing several games a week you could easily faint just from opening his gym bag and inhaling!
It’s pretty bad.
After several failed attempts to rid the shoes of the odor, this little spray seems to be making a difference!

• 2 oz. Plastic Clear Bullet Bottle with Fine Mist Spray tops
• Vodka (any type, just not flavored)
Tea Tree Oil

• Fill the bottle with Vodka.
• Add 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
• Screw the spray top on and shake well before using.

Shake well before each use and spray liberally. I removed the lining of each shoe and sprayed it to be sure every inch of the stinky sole was treated. Spray parts of the shoe that touch the skin, collect sweat and breed bacteria (resulting in the stink that we’re trying to eliminate).
Toss a bottle in your gym bag and spray shoes after each use. The vodka will kill the bacteria and tea tree oil is both antibacterial and antifungal, helping to prevent new growth. If used regularly, this spray can work wonders in fighting odor!

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