DIY Lip Plumper

Let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with naturally super plump lips like Angelina Jolie. So, we have to  step up our game when it comes to getting our lips looking nice and kissable!

There are a lot of lip plumpers out there to buy, my favorite being Dior Addict Lip Maximizer – Collagen Active Lip-Gloss, but if you ain’t into spending your hard earned cash on products like this, then  I have some good news.

• Any lip gloss (in a tube, not a tub) – now this ingredient is just going to be the base and will make up the majority of the remedy.
• Menthol crystals, crushed
Collagen Powder

• Fill a small pot with water and place a one liter Pyrex measuring container inside the pot of water.
•Turn the heat on to about the medium temperature of your stove. The water inside the pot is going to be doing all the cooking so give it a chance to heat up, not to a level where it is boiling, but instead just a nice little simmer will do the job.
• We’re now going to grab our tube of lip balm and remove it completely before throwing directly into the Pyrex measure container. Make sure you hang onto the empty tube as we’re going to use that shortly to store our plumper.
• Once the lip balm is fully melted, add a pinch of collagen powder and stir the mixture around with a butter knife or whatever you find that won’t absorb too much of the remedy.
• Next throw in a couple of crystal of  menthol.
• Take your empty lip balm tube and make sure the plastic column in the middle that holds the plumper together is completely down into the tube. Now all you need to do is literally pour the mixture directly into the empty tube all the way to the top.

Guess what? You’re done!!

Happy plumping!
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