15 Perfect Color Combinations

Spring- Summer 2015

I want to talk about what  will actually look good  this season -by good I mean modern and fresh.
The first image:

Feminine, but without the old romantic Fleur. If the top was different  the skirt and the look in general would not look modern.

Here are the  trends of this season:

1. Crop pants. Just rolled or cropped model.
Short pants, tapering and quite loose at the top with  asymmetrical folds (or without).

Just do not tell me that  these pants shorten the legs. This is not true. You  just need to find the length that suits you.
The look cool either with flats or with heels.
2. Other relevant pants this season – broad and again shortened made with  soft, silky fabric.
This year the length crawled to the ankle.
Weather you prefer heel or  sneakers, doesn’t matter they both can be elegant or casual. Sneakers can be elegant too!

3. Tops.
For those who love straps.

Wide top  with sleeves 3/4, long, or short.

4. Loose fit
Nothing tight. The most old fashioned t-shirt this season is the tight one. The same goes for any kind of blouse.

The most important thing about all the loose fit shirts, they have to be very good quality. it is better to buy one good quality shirt than ten bad ones.

5. Sleeveless blazer.
Geometry and straight lines are still in fashion. This blazer  looks great with Nº2.


6. Clothes – “throw and go” or summer cape coat, as an alternative to a blazer is also popular this season.

7. Skirts.
Midi, knee length, pleating, transparent with shorts. I don’t want to stop on any particular model, but simply move on to the next one.

8. Interesting fabric.
Do not look for interesting models, look for interesting fabric. Let the model be  simple, but if fabric is unusual then you’ve got yourself a winner!

9. Dresses
The same goes for dresses –  interesting fabric (color, texture, print on it) will make everyone turn the heads.

10.Another piece of clothes you can’t go without this summer is  a flowing sundresses – far too many of them were presented by fashion designers this season.
Soft outlines, use of interesting fabric make this type of dress a must have.

11. Jogging pants are  also must have, along with shorts, sneakers and scarves.

12. Jumpsuit is still cool. If you have to choose between a jumpsuit and a dress pick the jumpsuit.

If you want to get more ideas, here you go: http://simplesist.tumblr.com/archive