Almond Body Lotion

Almond Body Lotion siteComing out of the bath or shower, hold moisture in the skin by spreading on your Almond Body Lotion.

20 g  shea butter
• 10 g almond oil
• 3 g of vegetable glycerin
• 35 g of rose water
• 6 drops vitamin E
• 4 drops rose essential oil

• Place shea butter, almond oil, and vegetable glycerin in a heat proof container.
• Place the container with the oils over a pot of boiling water for a makeshift double boiler, melting your oils.
• Slowly pour the rose water water into the mixture. Keep stirring  until it’s all incorporated.
• When it’s blended and creamy, add vitamin E and rose essential oil.
• Transfer to sterilized containers.
Leave to cool.
• Close.

• Keep in the fridge.

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