DIY Screen Cleaner

screen cleanerFirst, you might be asking yourself, “Can’t I just use Windex  to clean my screens?” And the answer is … no. Not if you want streak-free, healthy screens. Windex contains chemicals that are harsh for delicate LCD/plasma screens, and will leave behind residue on their unique surfaces.

So, here is a two ingredient DIY screen cleaner.

• 1/2 cup distilled water
• 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

• Combine water with alcohol, and in a spay bottle.
•  Shake the mixture before spraying.

• Don’t use paper towels to wipe your screens (or any delicate glass like glasses lenses, etc.). Paper towels are scratchy, and they’ll leave behind little nicks in your screen if you’re not very careful. Only use microfiber cloths.
• Never spray directly on a screen or other electronic device. Why? Because you’ll end up with water dripping into places where it DOES NOT BELONG. Always spray on the cloth first and then wipe. No drips. No fried electronics.
• Only use distilled water for screen cleaning recipes – never use tap or “regular” bottled water. Tap and bottled water contains all sorts of minerals and other chemicals that will leave behind deposits and junk on your screen. Even filtered water doesn’t remove all the heavy metals and minerals you want to avoid. Distilled water is pure and lacking anything that will eventually lead to build-up or a mucky screen.

DIY Febreze

Don’t inhale the chemicals in Febreze! You can make your own safe and natural odor eliminator spray.

DIY Febreze

• 1/2 cup water
• 1/2 cup alcohol
• 15-25 drops of essential oil of your choice (Lily of the Valley is my favorite).

• Combine water with alcohol, and add essential oil in a spay bottle.
•  Shake the mixture before spraying.

DIY Coconut Body Wash

Coconut Oil body washWhether you suffer from an irritating skin condition like eczema or rosacea or simply want to cut harmful chemicals out of your skin care routine, coconut oil can be helpful. Since coconut oil is a powerful anti-fungal agent, it works well as a cleanser, regulating the body’s pH level while moisturizing the skin and preventing blemishes like acne and blackheads.

Ordinary body washes can be expensive, and many contain ingredients like sulfates that can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Since coconut oil is a powerful anti-fungal agent, it works well as a cleanser, regulating the body’s pH level while moisturizing the skin and helping to prevent blemishes like whiteheads and blackheads.

• 40 grams pure castile soap, grated (or any left over soap you like)
• 500 ml water, boiling
• 2 TB spoons almond oil
• 2 TB spoons coconut oil
• 1 TB spoon vodka
• 15  drops essential oil

• Slowly add boiling water to your soap.
• If your coconut oil is solid, melt it slowly in the microwave, a pot on low heat, or simply leave it in a warm place for a while.
• Once your coconut oil is melted, add the almond oil, castile soap mixture, vodka and essential oil.
• Mix these ingredients together.
• Using a funnel, pour your body wash into a quart-sized glass or plastic jar.
• Shake the jar before using the wash to ensure everything’s properly mixed, and enjoy.

Directions: Moisten body, apply a small quantity of Moisturising Coconut Body Wash. Gently work up a lather with a circular motion. Rinse off & pat dry.


In addition to making your body wash smell good, adding essential oils can provide additional health benefits. Choose your favorite essential oils or ones that may provide benefits uniquely tailored to your skin’s needs. Helichrysum oil is a good option for eczema sufferers, while lavender and lemon oil provide pleasing aromas that can calm the senses.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so your body wash may harden. To prevent this, you can use fractionated coconut oil, which won’t harden. Alternatively, you can place your body wash container under hot water in the bath or shower to soften it. Then, shake it up and use as desired.

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