DIY Screen Cleaner

screen cleanerFirst, you might be asking yourself, “Can’t I just use Windex  to clean my screens?” And the answer is … no. Not if you want streak-free, healthy screens. Windex contains chemicals that are harsh for delicate LCD/plasma screens, and will leave behind residue on their unique surfaces.

So, here is a two ingredient DIY screen cleaner.

• 1/2 cup distilled water
• 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

• Combine water with alcohol, and in a spay bottle.
•  Shake the mixture before spraying.

• Don’t use paper towels to wipe your screens (or any delicate glass like glasses lenses, etc.). Paper towels are scratchy, and they’ll leave behind little nicks in your screen if you’re not very careful. Only use microfiber cloths.
• Never spray directly on a screen or other electronic device. Why? Because you’ll end up with water dripping into places where it DOES NOT BELONG. Always spray on the cloth first and then wipe. No drips. No fried electronics.
• Only use distilled water for screen cleaning recipes – never use tap or “regular” bottled water. Tap and bottled water contains all sorts of minerals and other chemicals that will leave behind deposits and junk on your screen. Even filtered water doesn’t remove all the heavy metals and minerals you want to avoid. Distilled water is pure and lacking anything that will eventually lead to build-up or a mucky screen.